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Spray Foam Insulation

As it expands, it seeps into all the nooks and crannies to form a continuous air barrier, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Is Your Home Leaking Money?

Up to 40% of your home’s total energy loss may be due to air loss via the floors, walls and roof. This can be due, in part, to inefficient insulation, something which can also play a role in higher monthly heating and cooling bills by making your HVAC system work harder. To help minimize the risk of air loss and reduce high heating or cooling bills, your home needs an insulation and air barrier that can easily adapt to any design or feature and maintain its integrity over the long term. Icynene spray foam insulation is ideal to help minimize air loss, as well as the higher heating and cooling bills that can go along with air leaks.

The Benefits of Spray Foam

Choosing a high-performance insulation material, like Icynene spray foam insulation, is an important step toward making your house feel more like a home. Not only does Icynene spray foam insulate your home, it air seals too, contributing to increased energy-efficiency and lower heating and cooling bills. When you insulate with Icynene spray foam, you’ll experience many benefits

Improved Indoor Comfort

Lower Monthly Heating & Cooling Costs

Quieter Spaces to Live, Work, Rest & Play

Improved Indoor Air Quality, Less Allergens & Pollutants

Why Spray Foam Insulation?

Embrace true comfort in your home with Icynene spray foam insulation. Making your house feel like a home involves choosing the best of everything, from the furniture to the fixtures, and even the colors with which you decorate. It only makes sense, then, to choose an insulation that can add to you and your family’s home comfort. Icynene spray foam insulation can help improve home comfort for the whole family in many ways, including:

Energy Efficiency

Through its air sealing properties, Icynene spray foam insulation:

  • Limits air leakage to optimize HVAC equipment performance
  • Helps maintain even temperatures throughout the home, including the attic Energy-efficient spray foam insulation helps to reduce the energy required by HVAC equipment to heat and/or cool the home.

Noise Reduction

  • Icynene open cell spray foam insulation is able to help reduce airborne sound transmission as well as noise from your home’s plumbing, thanks to its air sealing properties.
  • Has natural sound absorbing qualities thanks to its soft texture.
  • Muffles sounds both within your home (think plumbing runs or media rooms) and from outside your home as well.

Mold and Moisture Control

  • Fills any cracks or gaps present, creating an effective air seal which helps to reduce the risk of moisture penetrating and causing problems related to condensation buildup.
  • The material is not considered a food source for mold.

Fewer Drafts & Improved Air Quality

  • Gaps and cracks are filled and air leakage is reduced, so the chance of drafts or cold spots throughout your home will be minimized.
  • Icynene helps minimize the entrance of allergens and pollutants into the home, thanks to its air sealing properties.

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